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I’ve been meaning to write about some of my favorite musicians that I’ve seen over the past year or so, but now feels like the best time, as one of my favorite bands, hands down, is Frightened Rabbit.

After a long battle with depression and other mental health issues, the lead singer of the band, Scott Hutchinson, was found dead Thursday night. To say I’m upset is an understatement. FR’s words have carried me though some of the most stressful and difficult parts of my life the past few years. Andrew and I have seen them in concert three times, including once the day after returning from Scotland. I listen to their songs when I run, when I commute, while I work. I want to dance to Old Old Fashioned at my wedding.

The thing that drew me to FR in the beginning was Scott’s raw lyrics and vocals, aptly depicting the pain and anxiety of love and life. It’s now apparent that his pleading voice was a reflection of his own internal battles, as he tried to work them out over and over again onstage. Paired with the sometimes almost upbeat instrumentals, the songs, although sad, felt hopeful to me. We’re all a little broken and life is hard sometimes, but when you realize we’re all alone, you’re not really alone at all.

A few of my favorite lines:

Get together now/ find hope/ there’s life beyond the one you already know” — “Lump Street”

You are not ill, and I’m not dead/ doesn’t that make us a perfect pair?” — “Modern Leper”

There is light but there’s a tunnel to crawl through/ There is love but its misery loves you/ There’s still hope so I think we’ll be fine/ In these disastrous times, disastrous times” — “Oil Slick”

Though the corners are lit/ The dark can return with the flick of a switch/ It hasn’t turned on me yet” — “Not Miserable”

And while I’m alive, I’ll make tiny changes to earth” — “Heads Roll Off”

Scott was incredibly open about his struggle with mental illness, and I think that openness helped so many others who were suffering. I hope he rests easy knowing he made a lot more than tiny changes.

And of course, if you are feeling like you are all alone, or that suicide is the only escape, please know that it’s not, and please reach out to 1-800-273-8255 or visit There are plenty of people who love and care for you.

Listen to some of my favorite Frightened Rabbit songs here.

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